The Secret to Mastering our Growing Digital Landscape

Did you know that:

Do you ever feel like digital trends are evolving so quickly, it’s impossible to try to keep up with them all? Wouldn’t it be great to know how to leverage this information to move your cause forward?

It can be easy to get caught up in chasing the next big thing online, but it’s not usually the best fundraising strategy. So, what’s the real secret to mastering a rapidly changing online world of fundraising? It’s one four-letter word: Data.

Yep—big, sexy data. When you understand your organization’s fundraising data along with knowing the overall giving trends of the sector, you can create an online fundraising strategy and investment plan that will build a path of long-term growth for your nonprofit.

Here are two key questions that data can help you answer:

Do your campaigns reflect online giving trends?

Are you planning your campaigns the same way you’ve always done them, while donors have moved in a completely different direction? 2014 is the year you’re going to stop doing that. This year, you’re going to use your own data, along with the aggregated data of your nonprofit peers to create a plan that is based off of what’s working, and have the proof to back it up.
At this year’s Nonprofit Technology Conference, Matthew Mielcarek, Vice President of Strategy and Creative at Charity Dynamics, will join me to share the latest data on digital philanthropy and technology investments so nonprofit fundraisers, marketers, and technologists can better understand the benchmarks and plan their fundraising infrastructure.

We’ll share the latest data on digital fundraising trends to show how donors are giving online and how it’s evolved over the past few years. At Network for Good, our annual Digital Giving Index compiles donor data across all our online platforms to illustrate the results nonprofits are seeing from various online channels. By tracking donations to thousands of nonprofits, we can see how online giving is growing and which techniques are driving the most donations. We’ll share the juiciest stuff to help you get ahead online.

Does your technology spend match how donors are giving?

Once we understand how donors are giving online, it makes sense to plan our digital investments accordingly. If you’re spending less on email marketing, and your donors are adopting email as a primary means of communication, you’re highly unlikely to see the results you’re hoping for. Are organizations similar to yours pouring money into SEO and capturing the lion’s share of your potential donors online? This is something you’d probably want to bring up in your next budget meeting.

To better understand how nonprofits are spending their technology budgets to achieve their missions, Charity Dynamics surveyed organizations large and small. Wouldn’t you love to know what other organizations are spending on technology, staff, design, SEO, ads, and list building (just to name a few)? Matthew has the scoop on this and more highlights of Charity Dynamic’s Digital Fundraising Investment Survey.

Matthew and I will bring this data together to give you a strong foundation for planning and executing online fundraising campaigns that get results.

Want to make better informed decisions about your online giving campaigns and how you’re investing to support them? We invite you to join us to learn how you can use this information to plot the right course for your organization. Here’s what you’ll come away with:

  • Key benchmarks for nonprofit investments in digital fudndraising
  • Actionable insight on donor behavior and how to optimize your giving experience to raise more online
  • Tips for planning your digital spend to match giving trends
  • Amazing stats that will astound your friends and impress your boss

We look forward to diving into the data with you at this year’s NTC! Our session is Friday, March 14, 10:30am-12:00pm.

Caryn Stein
Director, Content Strategy
Network For Good