November 28, 2014

The Impact of Your Donation: Judy Griffin, 14NTC Scholarship Recipient, Shares

Last year, NTEN Community Champions helped to raise over $36,000 to support the NTEN Community Challenge, which enhanced NTEN’s program accessibility, including sending over 50 people to the 2014 Nonprofit Technology Conference (14NTC) and the 2014 Leading Change Summit (14LCS) with scholarships.

To whom did the scholarships go, and what was the impact of your donation? As we try to raise support for 2015, we wanted to share the impact of your donation from last year, from the voices of our scholarship recipients. Today, we want to introduce you to Judy Griffin, Director of Resource Development of Virginia Association of Free & Charitable Clinics (VAFCC).


What is your organization’s mission?

The mission of the VAFCC is to support, strengthen, and advocate for our member clinics as they deliver quality health care to Virginia’s low-income, uninsured, and underinsured residents.

Can you describe your experience at the 14NTC?

It was an important experience for me. It was the first time that I had had so many technology resources at my fingertips. The after-hour events were as important as the sessions throughout the day. I met a lot of people and loved hearing about what they were doing at their organizations and what they were looking for. I have stayed in touch with a half dozen people since I returned from the conference. It’s great to have resources out there! I will admit that some of the tech talk was over my head, but it encouraged me to stretch myself and learn more.

Can you give an example of how you applied what you learned from the 14NTC to your daily work?

I manage our organization’s social media and also send out a monthly e-newsletter to the development staff at our 57 member clinics. One of the workshops I attended went over best practices for posting on Facebook, the value of Twitter, and other tips around social media. I’ve actually changed how and what I now post on our organizational Facebook page and have included several articles in my e-newsletter to help our member clinics better manage their social media.

Why should people donate to the 2015 NTEN Community Challenge to support opportunities such as NTC/LCS scholarships?

I never would have been able to attend the NTC conference without a scholarship. I was overwhelmed when I was told I would be receiving one. It helped me recharge my batteries and look at things in a new way. By donating to the NTC scholarship fund, you are opening new doors for nonprofit organizations that operate on small budgets. Your gift will not be wasted!

Special thanks to Judy for putting tech to work for social change at her nonprofit, and huge thanks to all who helped make her experience at the 14NTC possible!

This season, we’re trying to raise $50,000  through the 2015 NTEN Community Challenge to give more people like Judy access to NTEN’s activities and initiatives that advance nonprofit technology. Support NTEN’s Community Champions and Board Members today by donating directly to their fundraising pages on the NTEN Community Challenge campaign on Crowdrise.