The Impact of the Oregon Nonprofit Technology Readiness Program: Luann Algoso

Last year, NTEN launched the first cohort for the Oregon Nonprofit Technology Readiness (ONTR) program. This six-month program builds on the eight weeks of curriculum for the Nonprofit Technology Academy (NTA) and extends with an additional four months of support for each organization’s chosen technology project.

You may find yourself asking questions like, “Who participates in this program with a mix of online and offline learning, and what did it mean for them?” We want to introduce you to Luann Algoso, Communications and Special Projects Coordinator for the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon, to share her answers to these questions and a few more.

What was your biggest pet peeve going into the ONTR?

Trying to get buy-in from the rest of staff to implement communications into their work plans.

How is participating in the ONTR valuable to you?

I appreciated the strategies and advice that each webinar brought to the cohort. Because my organization is in growth phase and because having a formal communications position on staff is new territory as well, being able to provide the tools and strategies back to my work will be beneficial in convincing the rest of staff to recognize the importance of communications in their work.

How have you connected with others through this process?

I’ve met with one cohort member in person due to the fact that we hold the same positions and we’re experiencing similar challenges of communications being new territories. It was great to exchange ideas and offer each other support.

Tell us about your project.

I’m building a volunteer-led communications committee that will support the organizations communications infrastructure, support organizational campaigns, as well as produce a multimedia project of some sort, like a blog or podcast series.

What cool stuff are you up to that you’re excited about?

The communications committee! It’s a big project, because to align with APANO’s mission, we’re building a team that fosters leadership development and utilizes communications as an organizing strategy to win campaigns.

Have you had any “a-ha” moments with your project?

Not yet! The committee is barely starting but I anticipate that there will be plenty of a-ha moments and challenges as well.

New Year’s tech resolutions for 2015?

Get better at collecting data and measuring metrics. Since my position is new, I have to keep proving to management that communications is crucial to the success of the organization, and by doing that, I have to show quantitatively that I’m on a successful trend.

Luann Algoso
Luann Algoso is Communications and Special Projects Coordinator for the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon. In her spare time, she likes to read and discuss feminist theory, media representations of APIs, and the intersection of the arts and activism. She maintains a blog at and is the proud owner of a social justice corgi puppy named Atticus.