The Impact of the Oregon Nonprofit Technology Readiness Program: Emily Squires

Last year, NTEN launched the first cohort for the Oregon Nonprofit Technology Readiness (ONTR) program. This six-month program builds on the eight weeks of curriculum for the Nonprofit Technology Academy (NTA) and extends with an additional four months of support for each organization’s chosen technology project.

You may find yourself asking questions like, “Who participates in this program with a mix of online and offline learning, and what did it mean for them?” We want to introduce you to Emily Squires, Community Engagement Director for Playwrite, Inc., to share her answers to these questions and a few more.

What was your biggest tech pet peeve going into the ONTR?

Using DropBox as our organizational server.

How is participating in the ONTR valuable to you?

We participated as a team, and my colleague Julian and I have found ONTR so helpful. We have gained knowledge and access to resources, as well as meeting other folks in Portland with whom we are building organizational relationships. I love having a group that I can email and say, “Does anyone have experience with ______?” -and get a response!

Have you connected with others through this process?

I have followed up with a handful of people from my ONTR cohort off of the group email and also in real life. The local networking has been really valuable for us.

Tell us about your project.

My project involves creating an internal guidebook for all things website and social media related. It’s slow to start (e.g., actually start writing things down, transferring them from my brain to the paper) beyond re-doing the website itself, but it is an organizational priority, and it will happen!

What cool stuff are you up to that you’re excited about?

I’m excited that we have a new website (launched Nov. 2014). I’m even more excited to stay engaged with it and make the 2.0 version even better through making changes based on feedback and data.

Have you had any “a-ha” moments with your project?

I’m ready for them when they happen.

New Year’s tech resolutions for 2015?

To keep tech integrated into our strategic and financial planning.