The Content Curation Issue: NTEN:Change Six is Live


When our editorial committee decided on “Content Curation” as the overall theme of this issue when planning back in 2011, we knew that it would be an important topic for the nonprofit sector, but we didn’t anticipate that, in some ways, 2012 would turn out to be the year of content curation, as Beth Kanter predicted in January. If you’re still unsure of what the term encompasses and why it’s relevant to nonprofit work, see our “What’s Hot: Content Curation” article in the new issue for a quick introduction.

I’m pleased to announce Issue Six of NTEN:Change, A Quarterly Journal for Nonprofit Leaders!

NTEN’s publication, designed especially for busy nonprofit executive directors, departmental directors, boards, and other leadership staff, is free and hot off the press, and in the current issue you’ll find:

  • “The Unexpected Benefits of Content Curation for Your Staff,” by Beth Kanter, who makes the case for improving productivity and effectiveness with content curation practices.
  • “Mapping Your Communications Mix,” from Idealware’s Laura Quinn, with tips and examples for mapping the right mix of content for your channels–and organizational goals.
  • “Case Study: Pinterest for Program Planning,” documenting one museum’s application of Pinterest to meet internal program and project planning needs.
  • An Interview with ASPCAPro’s Pune Dracker on Content Curation.
  • Nonprofit Leaders talk about their balance (or unbalance) of IT for mission versus keeping the org’s lights on.

As well as content from the experts at Creative Commons, the NTEN community, a podcast from the CTK Foundation, and . . . I couldn’t possibly list everything here in this blog post, so please check out the new issue to see more (and make sure your Executive Director and Board Members read this):