The 2014 Rob Stuart Memorial Award: PEAK and PLUK

The Rob Stuart Memorial Award honors the spirit of the man who was so pivotal in creating our community. Rob was a builder – of communities, of ideas, and of movements. Central to all of this work was the idea that technology can accelerate the pace of change, making it possible for movements to grow overnight and for change to be created in new and surprising ways.

The 2014 Award Winner

PEAK & PLUK Parent Centers, Barb Buswell and Roger Holt

Each year, we celebrate Rob by selecting a community that uses technology to disrupt the status quo. This year, we are so thrilled to recognize Barb Buswell and Roger Holt, of PEAK & PLUK Parent Centers, with the Rob Stuart Award. They both have, for many years, brought their passion and dedication to serving parents in their own towns and beyond, staff in other Parent Centers across the US, and even the NTEN community of nonprofit staff from all causes and locations.

Neither Barb nor Roger could be at the NTC this year to receive their awards in person for reasons that perfectly illuminate the reasons they were nominated: With more limited resources than previous years, very few Parent Center staff could attend the NTC this year and though they both love the conference and the chance to see many friends and colleagues in person, they thought it best to allow staff across the country who had never been able to attend to come instead.

Please join us in thanking and celebrating Barb and Roger, and their entire teams at PEAK and PLUK!

new_peak_logo.pngPEAK Parent Center provides training, information, and technical assistance to equip families of children birth through age twenty-six including all disability conditions with strategies to advocate successfully for their children. As a result of PEAK’s services to families and professionals, children and adults with disabilities will live rich, active lives participating as full members of their schools and communities. Barbara Buswell co-founded PEAK Parent Center, and has been a Director since 1986. Barbara’s son, Wilson, introduced her to the world of disability and triggered her commitment to supporting families across the country to develop advocacy skills that enable inclusive and successful lives for people with disabilities.

8368142_AWhCD-M.jpgPLUK Parent Center was formed in 1984 by parents of children with special needs in the state of Montana for the purpose of information, support, training, and assistance to aid their children at home, school, and as adults. PLUK was founded by parents who felt strongly that parents of children with disabilities need to band together to give each other information and support. Roger Holt began a career with PLUK in the fall of 1990 to work with all things technological. Over the years he designed all the data collection/management systems, a statewide computer network for staff, websites, phone systems, and whatever else was needed. He also became one of the first RESNA-certified Assistive Technology Practitioners in the state and assists hundreds of individuals, families, schools, and agencies with technology access issues.

Eileigh Doineau
Arriving at NTEN has been a happy bend in the road for Eileigh, who comes from a background in environmental design and English literature. After a year in AmeriCorps teaching environmental education, a summer in Africa working with communities to protect local natural resources, and a master’s thesis on design and community engagement, she ventured into the nonprofit realm. Though Eileigh loves to get her hands dirty out in the real world, she recognizes that technology is a transformative tool of empowerment and is delighted to be helping others make the most of it.