The 2014 NTEN Community Survey Report is here!

Cover of the 2014 NTEN Community Survey ReportEvery year, NTEN conducts an annual Community Survey to find out more about the individuals and organizations in the NTEN Community. We strive to be a community-driven organization, in all aspects of our work, to offer the kinds of programs and services that will benefit our constituents. Our annual Community Survey is one way we listen to your needs and experiences to inform our work.

The annual Community Survey serves us in two critical ways. First, as a key mechanism for collecting and distilling feedback, both qualitative and quantitative, about what’s working, which programs are most valued, and where we have opportunities to make changes or additions. Second, components of this annual research are put directly into our public evaluation data – indicators of where we may be making impact towards the outcomes we are striving for in this community and with the nonprofit sector. The report also gives us a chance to share how we are integrating your feedback into new improvements, initiatives, and resources based on your needs.

Here are a few key findings from the report:

• We continue to see Executive Directors/CEOs as a growing constituency among the community, especially among Non-members, and see more Fundraising/Development professionals participating in the community as Members this year.
• As we saw last year, when asked about key organizational challenges regarding technology, respondents make clear that as technology becomes more necessary across all job functions at an organization, the burden of training all staff to execute projects and strategies consistently has become greater: they feel challenged to find the time, funding, and the right resources to train their staff.
• Respondents this year also emphasize “integration” as a key challenge their organizations are currently facing: once organizations have tools, and the staff to use them, their big challenge becomes integrating their data, channels, systems, etc., across departments.

Learn more about what we found this year by downloading the full survey report.

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