The 2013 Rob Stuart Memorial Award: Invisible People, Mark Horvath

The Rob Stuart Memorial Award honors the spirit of the man who was so pivotal in creating our community. Rob was a builder – of communities, of ideas, and of movements. Central to all of this work was the idea that technology can accelerate the pace of change, making it possible for movements to grow overnight and for change to be created in new and suprising ways.

Each year, we celebrate Rob by selecting a community that uses technology to disrupt the status quo.

The 2013 Award Winner

Invisible People uses the lens of a television camera to tell the stories of homelessness and the organizations trying to help. Founder, Mark Horvath was moved by his own past exprience as a homeless person to document real people, telling their own, very real stories… unedited, uncensored and raw. Invisible People’s vlog purpose is to make the invisible visible, have others connect with these stories, and keep a dialog going to help those who are often forgotten.

The 2013 award winner will receive a $1,000 prize provided by Microsoft.

Past winner:

2012: The Story of Stuff, produced by Annie Leonard and Free Range Studios.