The 2013 Nonprofit Engagement Data Management Study: A Graphic Report

When it comes to tracking and using “engagement” data – the actions, interactions, and even conversations that relate to an organization’s work but don’t necessarily represent the transactional or financial data that have been traditionally used for measuring an organization’s health – today’s nonprofits are either tracking a lot, or hardly anything at all. And very few organizations are applying that data to make decisions about their programs or measure their strategic outcomes.

That’s what we found when we, with Avectra, surveyed nonprofit professionals earlier this spring via an online survey.  We heard from 244 folks, primarily Marketing/Communications staff (42%), Fundraising/Development staff (15%), Executive Directors (13%), and IT Staff (10%).

We also learned that those who are tracking engagement data are finding at least some correlation between engagement and the more “traditional” indicators such as annual fundraising amount, event attendance, and even donor/constituent retention levels.

We’re sharing the results of this focused online survey via graphic report (download and share!):