The 2012 NTEN Community Survey Report


The Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) conducts an annual Community Survey to find out more about the individuals and organizations in the NTEN community: we want to find out how these individuals and organizations use technology in their work, gauge the impact of NTEN programs and services on their professional development and their organization’s missions, and track trends in the nonprofit technology community over time.

> Download the 2012 NTEN Community Survey Report

In May of 2012 we circulated the link to the online survey to the NTEN Community via direct email (sent to 38,354 contacts) and announcements in our community channels, including our blog, NTEN Discuss email list, our Facebook page, and our Twitter network. We received survey responses from 1,064 individuals.

Just over half of the respondents were NTEN members: 55% answered that they were members, 34% said they were not members, and 11% did not know whether they were current members.

Key Findings from the 2012 Survey

  • 22% of the NTEN Community considers their organizations to be at the “Leading” level on the Tech Adoption Spectrum.
  • No survey respondent who has been a member of NTEN for 5 or more years described their organization at the “Struggling” level on the Tech Adoption Spectrum, while 6% of the general NTEN Community indicated their organizations were “Struggling.”
  • While “Leading” organizations do tend to have larger annual operating budgets—with nearly 24% indicating their organizations have annual budgets Greater than $10M—we also find that 16% of “Leaders” come from organizations with budgets Less than $250K.
  • 72% of respondents from Leading organizations indicated they have a technology-related professional development training budget, compared to just 53% of the overall community.
  • For the first time, Marketing/Communications Staff have surpassed IT Staff as NTEN’s largest professional constituency.
  • When asked about key organizational challenges regarding technology, respondents made clear that as technology becomes more necessary across all functions at an organization, the burden of training all staff to execute processes and strategies consistently has become greater: they feel challenged to find the time, funding, and the right resources to train their organizational staff.
  • Respondents also emphasize pain points around one key area: Data. They are struggling with multiple parts of this issue, from collection to analysis to strategy.

> Download the 2012 NTEN Community Survey Report