The 17th Issue of NTEN: Change is out – “Digital Inclusion and Technical Divides”

Change, March 2014I can be sure of one thing: this issue is going to surprise you. As you dive in, prepare to have your assumptions challenged about who’s using technology, and the role your organization may play in addressing the digital divide.

The 17th issue of NTEN: Change covers a range of perspectives from those at the forefront of bridging the digital divide: schools, libraries, city governments, and nonprofit organizations.

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Feature articles:

We also go behind the scenes with the filmmakers behind the Cyber-Seniors documentary, the Weiss School, Geek Club Books, and Oregon’s Multnomah County Library. Sophia Guevara from EPIP shares virtual learning tips for professional development, Wiebke Herding from On:Subject offers a 15 minutes strategy to improve website accessibility, and Vanessa Mason from ZeroDivide shares how text messaging can be a lifeline for vulnerable communities.

The future of technology requires an active commitment to inclusiveness. We hope this issue inspires you with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration to get started in your organization.

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