Technology to Help You Vote

With election day coming right up, Nonprofit VOTE was kind enough to share with us a bunch of ways technology can help you cast your ballot. We’re big supporters of democracy here at NTEN, so we encourage you to use all the tools at your disposal to help you make your decision and get it counted.

Here’s what they sent over:

Finding the right polling place

The 2012 Google Poll Finder tool uses official information from state elections offices and Secretaries of State to provide voters with their polling location, directions, and a summary of what’s on the ballot. Your affiliates can link to it, embed it in their web sites, or set up a computer in their lobby for staff and clients to use. As an alternative, voters can always use our 50 state map to find their state’s official poll finder tool or the phone number for their local election office. 

Check registration status

Your affiliates can help prevent voters from being turned away by helping them verify if–and exactly where–they are registered. 45 states have online registration lookup tools, and calling your local election office is always an option (again, use our 50 state map to get links and numbers). 

National hotlines

If voters can’t get to a computer, national hotlines can be a great catch-all. These hotlines are also great resources if voters have trouble casting their ballots:

Voter guides and sample ballots

Nonpartisan voter guides can be found from your Secretary of State, League of Women Voters, major newspaper or a voter education partner in your state (an example from Minnesota). For sample ballots, voters should contact local election offices for paper versions, and most states have them on their website or built into their own lookup tools (an example from Alabama).

For more

Your affiliates can use our site to find additional 2012 election tools and resources on ballot measures, guides for ex-offenders and students, and state by state voting rights, and mobile apps.