September 23, 2016

Online and in the Office: The State of Technology-Based Learning in the Nonprofit Sector

Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation

NTEN is proud to release its landmark report on technology-based learning in the nonprofit sector. The first report of its kind, it offers a snapshot of how nonprofits are using eLearning to further their missions.

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Some key findings include:

• Although more organizations still offer some form of in-person training, almost 80% of nonprofits have offered some form of technology-based training in the past year.
• Technology-based learning is viewed as more cost-effective than in-person learning, however the perception is that it takes about the same amount of time to develop.
• Among organizations not using technology-based learning, lack of expertise was the most cited reason.
• Nonprofits cite the ability to reach a broader audience as the greatest benefit of technology-based learning and see the greatest need existing within programs and services.

The report was produced in collaboration with Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation.

>> Download Online and in the Office: The State of Technology-Based Learning in the Nonprofit Sector

Lyndal Frazier-Cairns
Lyndal Cairns is committed to building stronger nonprofits as though our very existence depends on them. Because it does. After a decade as a newspaper and online journalist, she devoted her career to marketing for social good organizations working for sustainability, public health, education and technology. Among her proudest moments was receiving the 2015 NTEN Award for services to the nonprofit tech sector; and watching billboard ads for the Queensland AIDS Council being reinstated after a million-strong social media campaign against the homophobic decision to remove them. She and her team are currently working on a membership growth strategy for NTEN, as well as rebranding efforts. When not working, Lyndal can usually be found making mixtapes or digging in her garden.
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