Tech Tips for Executive Directors: 5 Mobile Apps for Busy Nonprofit Leaders

By Sophia Guevara

With so many apps available in the iPhone App Store and Google Play, it is difficult to find which ones could actually provide value for the needs of a nonprofit leader. With this being said, here is a list of five apps you may not already have on your phone but are worth considering:

  1. Lookout mobile security app – Lookout provides a free option to locate your device once it goes missing or is stolen. You can map the vicinity in which your phone is located once you lose it or activate a siren that sounds for up to a minute to help you locate it. For Android phone users, Lookout provides the ability to remotely lock and wipe a phone when the owner of the phone is unable to retrieve it. These advanced options will require access to the premium edition, which isn’t free. In addition, Android phone users who lose their phone without installing the Lookout app can install their Plan B option immediately by remotely installing the app through Google Play.
  2. Taxi magic app – This is a must-have for nonprofit leaders who travel. While you can use the app to book, track your taxi and pay for your ride with your credit card – you can also use the app to find local taxi services around the area and call directly for the ride if you prefer.
  3. HP ePrint service app – This is an excellent app for those who need to print documents or images directly off of their phone. This app allows you to identify and use HP public print locations like FedEx, UPS Ground, etc. You can upload your document and image and select the location nearest you that you would like to print them out at. You are provided with a special release code that unlocks your print job and allows you to make the copies you need.
  4. Evernote app – This free app allows you to save notes and ideas as an audio recording, picture, notes and to do lists. You can sync your data across multiple devices if you use Evernote on both your computer and smartphone. There is a premium version with additional features, but you need to pay a fee for this kind of access.
  5. Chrome browser app – This free Google browser app allows you to search fast and sync bookmarks on all of your devices. If you use Chrome as a web browser on your computer, you can send bookmarks to your mobile devices as well. This can be very helpful as you can have access at a moment’s notice to all your bookmarks just in case you need to share one with another colleague.

These apps can help the busy nonprofit professional stay productive and keep their phones secure while on the go.

What apps are you crazy about? What would you recommend to your colleagues?

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Sophia Guevara is the Chair of the Consortium of Foundation Libraries, and is a new member of the NTEN:Change editorial committee for 2013.

This article is part of the June, 2013 issue of NTEN:Change, which is all about mobile. Your executive director and board members should be reading this quarterly digital journal for nonprofit leaders!