Tech-Enabled Operations Survey

Nonprofit staff across the U.S. and beyond have been impacted in myriad ways from the COVID-19 pandemic, protests and community mobilization efforts in support of Black lives, and the quickly increasing needs of communities without access to income, health care, or other supports. NTEN has partnered with Unit4 on a research project to surface the realities, challenges, and plans of nonprofits today specific to technology and operations.

We’re eager to provide data for the sector that can highlight needs and be used for advocating for the multitude of ways support can be provided. Foundations, start-ups, and tech giants have all asked us recently for this kind of data. While we have qualitative feedback and stories to share, collecting data enables NTEN to advocate for the funding, technology solutions, and leadership buy-in that could be part of your organization’s success.

NTEN has recently conducted other surveys — we usually produce 5–8 reports each year — and will likely have more in the coming months. However, we acknowledge how real the survey fatigue and general overwhelm of this time is. The NTEN community is big! We don’t expect everyone to respond. To ensure there is recognition of gratitude for every person that does, each survey respondent will receive a coupon for $20 off any NTEN course of their choice through August 2021.

The survey includes 25 questions, and we anticipate it will take 10-15 minutes to complete. The results will be compiled into a free, public report scheduled for release in 2020.

You can either click the above link to take the survey on SurveyMonkey or complete it below. It’s the same survey in both locations.

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