Speak on the Main Stage at 17NTC!

Have you ever wanted to be on stage in front of thousands of friends & colleagues? Here’s your chance! Share your knowledge and passion in an Ignite talk at the 2017 Nonprofit Technology Conference in Washington, DC.

What is Ignite?

Ignite is a roller coaster version of a keynote speech that combines education, entertainment, and a bit of sheer terror. Ignite talks give you the opportunity to share your knowledge with the nonprofit tech community from the largest stage at the 17NTC. There is a catch: presenters are strictly limited to five minutes and 20 slides, which automatically advance every 15 seconds. This isn’t a product demo—this is a chance to share your message.

Here at NTEN HQ we’ve always held failure in high regard. Failure is the best friend of trying. Failure is the first attempt. Failure is sending 24,000 confusing email messages to members. So this year our Ignite theme is “My ____ Fail Story.”

Tell us your best #fail story and better yet, what you learned from the experience. We’ve all been there. You can speak freely. Shed your shame and enlighten others. Help us to prevent future calamities.

Submit your application to be an Ignite speaker by December 15. All applicants will be notified by December 23.

To give you a better visual, relive the glory that was the 16NTC Ignite sessions.

Upcoming 17NTC Ignite Dates:

  • December 15, 2016: Ignite Application Deadline
  • December 21, 2016: Ignite Applicants Notified
  • February 20, 2017: Ignite Presentation Slides Due

Apply to be an Ignite speaker now!


Andrea Post
Andrea plans gatherings. She thrives on creating the spaces for activists, advocates, and changemakers to connect. She started her career as an organizer on political campaigns, did her obligatory time as a San Francisco citizen during the first dot-com boom, then went to the corporate world where she handed out the big checks in charitable giving, sponsorships, and community relations. One of those sponsorships launched her into the world of conference planning, where she spent 6 years as the program director for the Conferences for Women in Pennsylvania and Texas. When she roots, she roots for the Portland Timbers and the San Francisco Giants.