November 8, 2013

Singing out the #ntenthanks!

My job is pretty great.

I think I speak for all of the NTEN staff when I say that it’s the people we work with that really make our jobs rewarding. Sometimes it will be One of Those Days and then a member will send a kind email, offer to volunteer, send a funny tweet, post helpful advice, or share an amazing cat video. We then get reminded of how awesome it is that we get to work with such a terrific community.

These are the moments where we just want to sing a big #ntenthanks. But if you’ve ever heard the NTEN staff sing karaoke, you’re probably happy to know that we decided to leave the singing to the professionals.

So in honor of Member Appreciation Month, we put together this playlist for you to show our musical apprecation. Happy listening!

#ntenthanks by NTEN on Grooveshark

Member Appreciation Month is in full force! Get your member badges, join in the free programming for members, and join the conversation using the #ntenthanks hashtag.

Megan Keane
Megan is a long-time San Francisco bay area resident with an extensive nonprofit background in community management, social media, and volunteer management. She's a problem solver and network builder passionate about connecting with people both on and offline. As NTEN's Membership Director, Megan supports the NTEN community, helping others connect, learn, and make the most of technology, and has spoken internationally on nonprofit technology. While she's not online, Megan can be found teaching or practicing yoga, hiking, or curling up with a good book. She's also a self-professed penguin nutcase, er, enthusiast. Follow her on Twitter: @penguinasana
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