Sharing is Caring, and the NTEN Community Cares!


November is Member Appreciation Month at NTEN. Our staff interacts with our community in different ways, here’s why Michael Nealis, Content Manager, loves our community

My favorite thing about the NTEN community is the sense of belonging that it brings with it. Everyone has a seat at the table, everyone’s input is valued, and a big part of the community is very public with the support it gives.

I got my first glance at how great the community was at the 2011 NTC, where people wanted to meet and talk about the work I was doing, even before I got to the conference. It was a little odd to me at first, that seemingly random people wanted to talk to me about my work, but as I got to know the NTEN community a little better it made a lot more sense. We’re a pretty close community, and we all have a lot to learn from each other.

Which is why I really like the different discussions that go on in myNTEN. There are a lot of different people talking about the things they get juiced about, whether it’s how nonprofits work with data, or blogging, or Drupal. Our community members have a lot of great ideas that they share with each other.

If it’s been a while since you’ve used myNTEN, why not check it out today? Find your local Tech Club, learn from one of the Communities of Practice or just ask a question about something you’re having trouble with in NTEN Discuss. There’s a great community of people to learn from, and who want to learn from you!