Send Your Feedback to the FCC: Net Neutrality Needs You

There have been a tremendous amount of issues and disasters in the news recently, but I want to draw your attention to a critically important story that is developing as you read this: once again, our open Internet is in danger. The FCC recently announced that it would consider new rules governing the Internet, including the opportunity for phone and cable Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to create two levels of access, or a “fast lane” for those paying a higher price.

Why does an open Web matter to your organization?

I strongly encourage you to discuss the issues related to the FCC’s proposed rules, Internet accessibility, and your community as a staff and with those you serve. The set of rules currently being discussed would allow for discrimination of our web accessibility, endangering potential for an equal footing on the Web for all, and impeding innovation and evolution of the Internet.

We are inspired to see so many NTEN funders, sponsors, and members standing up for the support of an open Web, including Google, Microsoft, and Twitter. Free Press has provided coverage and coordinated actions in support of preserving an open Web and Electronic Frontier Foundation has continued coverage and information about what these proposed rules could mean.

Add your voice and send feedback to the FCC!

Now it is important to share your story. What does the Internet mean for you; how does it help you serve your community and work towards your mission; how is it a tool for your work and a service for those you work with? EFF has launched a simple platform to help capture your voice and add it to the voices of many others to help the FCC understand why an open Web is critical to the nonprofit sector and to everyone.

>> Visit today, add your story, and share it with your colleagues, friends, and supporters!