Register for Drupal Day!

Attention Drupal aficionados! Whether you’re a Drupal user or considering using the Drupal platform for your site, you’ll want to register for the free Drupal Day at NTC. This free pre-conference event is packed with information on the latest tips and tools for Drupal and is a great opportunity to make connections with other nonprofit Drupal users.

The full-day event on the first day of #13NTC is a hands-on opportunity for Drupal professionals in the NTEN community to learn about the latest techniques, tools, and trends in Drupal development and site management. Topics include:

  • Getting Started with Drupal
  • Sustainable Code
  • CRM Best Practices
  • Building Secure Community Communication and Engagement
  • Successful Nonprofit Redesign
  • DIY Support and Managed Support

and much more.

Participation in this event is free, but registration is limited to 150 participants, so be sure to sign up right away!

13NTC Drupal Day is brought to you through the generous support of: