QR Codes and Smartphones Capture the Inspiration to Give

The hope that donors can be captured right in that magical moment right when they think, “You know, I should donate to your cause” has driven innovation around QR Codes over the past few years. You can learn about how the Good Karma Now smartphone app may be able to energize your fundraising campaigns at our upcoming Product Spotlight Webinar, “QR Codes and Smartphones Capture the Inspiration to Give”.

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Here’s the full description:

Nonprofits work hard to create the inspiration to give. Maybe it’s a thoroughly enjoyable visit to a museum or park, a stirring speech at a fundraising event or a heart-warming story told in a print appeal. When a prospective donor is inspired to give, you want to capture that good intention before it walks away. No checkbook, no cash? No problem. With your nonprofit’s special QR code and the Good Karma Now smartphone app, it’s as easy as SNAP-TAP-GIVE.

In this webinar, participants will find how easy it is to capture the inspiration to give by simply adding a Good Karma Now QR code to their print materials, learn how simple it is for givers to make a donation with a few quick taps on their phone, and discover the Good Karma Now smartphone giving service is absolutely free to use.