One week to go: 2015 NTEN Challenge update

There’s just one week left in 2014 and we need all of the help we can get to start next year on the right (and well-funded) foot to support scholarships, membership and program accessibility, and the quality content that makes this such an amazing community. Join us in celebrating the incredible NTEN Community of over 50,000 participants by donating $1 (or $100) today. Here’s a quick report on where the 2015 NTEN Challenge campaign is at today: we have raised $20,258 toward our goal of $50,000 to represent the 50,000 members of this community.

Giving Tuesday

Earlier this month, we participated in the 3rd annual Giving Tuesday – after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday is a day for giving instead of buying. The NTEN Community has so many organizations who were also participating in Giving Tuesday and hoping to raise funds for their work in 2015, we felt that instead of asking for donations that day we could turn it into an opportunity to highlight the purpose of Giving Tuesday and create a community gathering. With help from Beth Kanter, we held a community call open to anyone and were thrilled at the response as many people called in, lots of community members shared their perspectives, questions, and stories (shout outs to Debra Askanase, Birgit Pauli-Haack, and Jereme Bivins!). It was also fun to have João Paulo Vergueiro sharing how Brazil was joining the Giving Tuesday celebration.

Matching Funds

Thanks to the generosity of Jon Biedermann, a long-time NTEN Member and Vice President of Fundraising Products at DonorPerfect, we ran a very successful 48-hour matching fund drive last week. Jon offered to match donations up to $2,500 but only for a quick 48 hours. Thanks to fast-acting donors, we met that goal with hours to spare! This was the first time we had run a short matching campaign and think it was a wonderful way to amplify Jon’s wonderful gift by driving additional donations.

Community Champions

This campaign wouldn’t happen without the leadership and passion of community volunteers who lead the fundraising efforts on our behalf. We are so very thankful for the way they have stepped up at the end of 2014 to help raise money that provides for 50 scholarships to the NTC, scholarships for LCS and other programs throughout the year, plus the extension of membership – all to organizations and individuals who would otherwise not be able to participate. Many of our champions have benefited from scholarships or other discounts in the past, and their stories inspire us every day. Check out the long list of champions and support their campaigns!

Amy Sample Ward
Driven by a belief that the nonprofit technology community can be a movement-based force for positive change, Amy is NTEN’s CEO and former membership director. Her prior experience in direct service, policy, philanthropy, and capacity-building organizations has also fueled her aspirations to create meaningful, inclusive, and compassionate community engagement and educational opportunities for all organizations. Amy inspires the NTEN team and partners around the world to believe in community-generated change. She believes technology can help nonprofits reach their missions more effectively, efficiently, and inclusively, and she’s interested in everything from digital equity to social innovation.