#NTENThanks: A Month of Purposeful Graditude

flickr: hellojenuineflickr: hellojenuineStarting the month on the heels of a hurricane (here’s how you can help), those of us safe and dry at NTEN World headquarters head into November with more than ever to be thankful for. We not only have running water and power, but a generous, intelligent, and growing community of nonprofit tech professionals who support what we do.

In fact, our members go beyond just support. NTEN would not be possible without our community. You all volunteer your time and energy to lead webinars, run Tech Clubs, write guest blog posts, share what you learn on Twitter, show up to the NTC and organize a dinner, or send us your favorite kitten meme to be feature in the e-newsletter. NTEN, as an organization, would not be possible without you. This is why we take time out each November to do whatever we can to show our appreciation.

You can see the whole lineup of free webinars, prizes, and opportunities to connect here. Because NTEN is not just the staff, but mostly our community, we want to provide the opportunity for you to recognize each other too; #NTENThanks is it. All month long, use the tag #NTENThanks to share your appreciation for your fellow nonprofit technology community members. Tag your tweets, posts, pictures, videos, whatever medium you choose, and spread the positive gratitude throughout our community.

At the end of the month, we’ll recognize the folks who sent and received the most #NTENThanks with special prizes. All month long, we’ll be highlighting the campaign in an effort to further identify those who work hard all year to connect, learn, and change the nonprofit technology sector.