NTEN Case Study: From Drupal to WordPress

After thinking and talking about it for a long time, this year we at NTEN are finally beginning a website overhaul and re-launch in earnest. After all, the nonprofit association for people working at the intersections of tech and social change should have a website to match that mission and vision. Follow along as we chronicle the joys and occasional headaches.

NTEN is excited to announce we will be working with Pongos Interactive to implement our new site. Pongos is a WordPress development firm located in Maryland.

The decision to move from Drupal to WordPress was not taken lightly. NTEN has deep ties with the Drupal community and has been on the Drupal platform for years. However, while we plan to continue our support of the Drupal community as much as ever, we decided for our own website redesign that WordPress was the better option.

One of the primary factors behind this decision was our need to create a strong integration between our CRM (Abila’s netFORUM) and our content management system. With WordPress, we were able to find an existing and fully tested integration that we could build on top of. With Drupal on the other hand, while building an integration was possible, it would have needed to be developed mostly from scratch, which would have been much more difficult and expensive.

Another factor that weighed heavily in this decision came up once we started analyzing our actual website needs. While Drupal still seems to have the edge in overall functionality, it turns out we don’t really need any of those additional features, and in the end found that WordPress was more than capable of meeting our needs while at the same time being more accessible to our end users.

We are now in the planning stages of this rebuild and are looking for help from our community.

  • Website survey – we have a survey live on the site now. Please – we need to hear from you to be sure we are building the right thing!
  • Usability testing – we will be doing a lot of usability testing over the summer and early fall. Please contact Jessica (Jessica@nten.org) if you would be willing to participate.
  • Content Strategist – we are looking for a consultant to advise on content strategy and information architecture. More information is available here
  • Graphic Designer  – we are looking for a graphic designer for the website. More information is available here

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