NTEN and the Pizzigati Prize join forces to advance open source for good

Tony Pizzigati looks upward as holds a piece of chalk

NTEN is proud to be the new steward of The Antonio Pizzigati Prize for Software in the Public Interest, elevating and celebrating open source development for social impact work. The Pizzigati Prize honors the brief life of Tony Pizzigati, an early advocate of open source computing.

Annual Pizzigati Prize

The Pizzigati Prize honors software developers who create open source applications and tools for free public distribution that nonprofit and advocacy groups can put to good use.

These developers are making a two-faceted contribution to social change. First, they have a significant practical impact. Their software helps nonprofits become more effective and build their capacity to better inform and mobilize their constituents.

Secondly, developers of software in the public interest play a broader role. As they have evolved inside the open source movement, the ideals of public interest computing promote collaboration and sharing. Against the idea that progress demands cutthroat competition between individuals striving to get ever richer, these developers instead model the notion that we all benefit when we work together.

In the continuing struggle for a better world, this commitment to collaboration and sharing speaks to exactly what the Pizzigati Prize seeks to honor.

Prizes offer publicity to achievements crucial to social progress. Through the Pizzigati Prize, NTEN aims to specifically single out those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to software that serves the public interest. The prize program strives to enhance the stature of public interest computing and the public’s understanding of it.

Along the way, we hope this prize initiative will help link public interest software developers with each other and with the nonprofit and advocacy groups that need their assistance.

Open Source for Social Impact

Having supported the Pizzigati Prize for many years, NTEN is excited to now directly shepherd this important funding opportunity and embed it in the community using technology for social impact. In the coming months, we’ll announce new opportunities through NTEN’s community programs to build stronger relationships between those learning about open source solutions and those using or creating open source software. 

There are so many ways that technology has shaped and will continue to shape how we do the vital work of changing the world. Open source solutions are critical for building solutions that meet the sector’s needs and align with community values. We are thrilled for the opportunity to elevate and support community members and leaders invested in this work.

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