The Nonprofit Technology Conference program is community-driven.

Behind the Scenes at the NTC

The Nonprofit Technology Conference is known for featuring a wide array of useful, interesting, relevant-to-your-interests sessions. How do we do it? The answer, as usual, is you, our nonprofit tech community!

From the first step to the last, the educational programming at the NTC is community-driven, and shepherded (pun intended) by NTEN’s Education Director, Ash Shepherd.

1. Propose

We begin with a public call for content ideas, when NTEN members and anyone from the nonprofit technology community can submit session proposals through a form on our website. Applications can be for both those sessions that the submitter is wishing to present as well as sessions that are of interest to attend but the submitter does not have the area of expertise to lead.

2. Vote

Proposed sessions are voted on by the community via our website. A steering committee of representatives from across the sector, as well as NTEN staff, cast their votes via a secure and private jury voting process. The votes are weighted, so that community votes equal 50%, steering committee votes equal 30%, and NTEN staff votes equal 20%.

3. Score

The three scores (from the community, the steering committee, and NTEN staff) are then combined to create an aggregate score. This aggregate score is used as the main framework for session selection.

4. Review

Finally, we review the overall selection of sessions to ensure a well-rounded program is created across five categories: program, IT, leadership, fundraising, and marketing & communications. For example, if there are some sessions that are very similar in topic and have high votes, we may pick the most supported one or combine the sessions. We also hold a few spots in the agenda for any timely and critical topics that may emerge.

The sessions for 17NTC have all been through this process, and you can check them out and learn more about the speakers on the agenda. We’ll open the session proposal process for 18NTC in June of 2017.

Erin Doherty
Erin has provided communications, development, and administrative support to community arts, queer health, and anti-domestic violence nonprofit organizations for more than 15 years. Working in digital communications for NTEN sits perfectly at the intersections of her nerdy excitement for writing, editing, and futzing around with code. Other interests include knitting and thinking about knitting, eating cheese, voraciously consuming all things sci-fi/fantasy, collecting animated gifs, and her ridiculous chihuahua mix, Aoife.