Nonprofits and Cloud Computing: Infrastructure in the Stratosphere (A Free Webinar Series in 3 Parts)

Nonprofits & Cloud Computing starts July 31st.Our latest webinar series, “Nonprofits & Cloud Computing: Infrastructure in the Stratosphere”, brought to you for free with the generous support of Google, starts on July 31st. If you’re thinking about joining NTEN in the cloud, you should:

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In the 3-part series, we’ll cover:

  • July 31: Overview of Server Management and Cloud Computing
  • August 6: Dissecting Risks of Infrastructure in the Cloud
  • August 14: Transitioning Infrastructure to the Cloud

Event Details

When: Starts Tuesday, July 31st, 11:00 am Pacific Time

Cost: Free!

Presented by: Matthew Eshleman, Donny Shimamoto, and Zac Mutrux

I haven’t had to configure an /etc/hosts file in years, and I have to say, it’s been pretty great!