Nonprofit Tech Job Board: Beyond the Jobs

One common question I receive is, “Where can I find a good person to “(fill in the blank)?” Be it to install a new database, redesign a website, or plan an event, nonprofits are frequently in need of skilled people to join their team for specific projects. Enter NTEN’s Nonprofit Tech Job Board.

A little history: We first launched a beta version of the Nonprofit Tech Job Board back in the fall of 2014, in response to requests from Community members looking to have a dedicated job board for paid nonprofit technology career opportunities. We started out using a third-party platform, and then, this past fall, launched a new version of our job board that directly integrated with our new WordPress website.

Now we’re excited to offer the newest improvements to our job board: the ability to post short-term projects or requests for proposals (RFPs).

If you’re looking to hire, this is an excellent way to get your open positions in front of the right audience of social change professionals. NTEN Member jobs are featured in our monthly Member newsletter for added visibility. Plus, NTEN Members receive 50% off all job board listings (jobs, gigs, and RFPs), so your Membership dues can quickly add up to large savings.

How do you choose which of type of listing makes sense for you? Here’s a quick guide:

  • Job: Permanent paid positions (full- or part-time)
  • Gig: Contractors to help with temporary projects
  • RFP: Services/Software

Interested in finding a new opportunity? You can browse or search job listings and filter by location or type of employment. You can also follow @ntenjobs to stay updated on the latest postings. Also, if you’re headed to the 2016 Nonprofit Technology Conference (16NTC), many of our NTC sponsors and exhibitors are hiring! Check out their job board posts and connect with them in person at the 16NTC (you’ll see booth signs that indicate companies that are hiring).

We’ll continue to make added improvements to the job board, so as always, we’d love to get your feedback. How’s your job board experience? What features would you like to see? Drop us an email at

Photo credit: Steve Depolo

Amy Sample Ward
Driven by a belief that the nonprofit technology community can be a movement-based force for positive change, Amy is NTEN’s CEO and former membership director. Her prior experience in direct service, policy, philanthropy, and capacity-building organizations has also fueled her aspirations to create meaningful, inclusive, and compassionate community engagement and educational opportunities for all organizations. Amy inspires the NTEN team and partners around the world to believe in community-generated change. She believes technology can help nonprofits reach their missions more effectively, efficiently, and inclusively, and she’s interested in everything from digital equity to social innovation.