Nonprofit Marketing Infographic: State of Online Giving and Online Marketing Opportunities for Nonprofits

According to Blackbaud’s Online Marketing Benchmark Study for Nonprofits, online giving is on the rise–but only represents a fraction of total giving. Nonprofits have an unprecedented opportunity to reach more donors and increase revenue through online marketing channels, including search, video, and social media.

Search Mojo designed this infographic to illustrate in an easy-to-follow format the different online marketing options available for nonprofits, as well as the process for applying for a Google Grant.

Get the infographic The State of Online Giving: Online Marketing Opportunities for Nonprofits, to learn about programs available to nonprofits to help them get more revenue for less cost.

Search Mojo has worked with a number of nonprofits to help them achieve their marketing goals, and specifically we’ve helped them to take advantage of the marketing programs Google has available specifically for nonprofits. From our experience, we know that many nonprofit marketers struggle with a lack of resources – both in budget and staff. We wanted to provide a resource that would not only help them navigate through Google’s nonprofit programs (such as Google Grants and YouTube for Nonprofits), but also learn about other low-cost ways they can spread the word online.