We get misty every time we see this picture of Leon Wilson accepting his 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Nominations now open for community awards!

The Nonprofit Technology Conference is our chance to bring the NTEN community together for 3 days of learning, sharing, high-fiving, and world-change-planning. It’s also our opportunity to celebrate NTEN members for their amazing contributions to the nonprofit technology sector with an award.

Johanna Bates' 2016 NTEN Award, lovingly known as Shard’ay.
Johanna Bates’ 2016 NTEN Award, lovingly known as Shard’ay.

Help us honor those who have worked tirelessly for the NTEN community—that’s you and me—and make NTEN CEO Amy cry (in the good way!) by submitting a nomination for one of our three annual awards.

Each year, we announce recipients for three important awards:

  • The NTEN Award goes to someone who embodies and promotes NTEN’s values and community leadership that sustains the unique and positive community we all benefit from.
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes not someone’s age or tenure but a cumulation of impact that has supported this sector and many of us individually in the process.
  • The Rob Stuart Memorial Award honors the life of an incredible contributor to the NTEN community and the nonprofit technology sector generally, Rob Stuart, and recognizes an organization or community continuing Rob’s legacy of organizing and supporting great impact without taking the spotlight.

Learn more about all three awards, prior recipients, and submit a nomination: http://www.nten.org/ntc/at-the-ntc/awards/. Submissions close on February 3rd.

Bethany Lister
Community Engagement Manager