New Research: 10 Case Studies on Nonprofit Transition to the Cloud

into_the_clouds_flickr_podrunzy.img_assiThere’s a lot of buzz about the Cloud being the future of data storage and processing, and more and more Cloud-based options are available to users every day. We wondered to what extent organizations were effectively replacing traditional IT functions and servers with Cloud solutions. Is nonprofit technology moving out of the data closet and into the Cloud?

Working with Idealware to conduct the research, we set out to find good examples of organizations that have taken staff email, file servers, phone services, and other functions that would traditionally be housed onsite and replaced them with applications accessed over the Internet, or with “Cloud applications” like Google Apps, online file sharing, or data backup services.

Our interviews with diverse nonprofits revealed a number of great examples from local and international organizations of all sizes and from across a wide range of technology expertise.

We’re excited to make available the 10 case studies to help you explore how others have made the Cloud transition, along with the in-depth article summarizing our findings.

> Read the in-depth article on our findings & check out the case studies!

The case studies are:

We welcome your feedback and stories on this topic — do these case studies reflect your experiences? Are there other challenges with this topic that you’d like NTEN to address in future studies? Let us know in the comments below!

Flickr photo credit: Podrunzy