Member Round Up: Tools, tools, tools–from storytelling to benchmarking

A few crisp mornings are always an effective reminder of impending seasonal change, prone to spark those industrious feelings that Fall inspires. Perhaps it was some of those that can help to account for the NTEN community’s busy week. This Member round up features mergers and lots of great new tools to help you with everything from storytelling to benchmarking and finding local Jewish holiday celebrations.

NTEN member Consumers Union announced the beginning of a closed beta cycle for their new digital storytelling platform, The platform is a cloud-hosted solution for the gathering, curation, and use of stories to affect change. Nonprofits recognize the power of personal stories from their members, activists, and donors but encounter challenges when it comes to collecting and organizing this information in a meaningful and actionable way. Learn more at or send them a message by way of their contact form.

KELL Partners and Affinaquest teamed up to launch KELL Kickstart for Affinaquest, an affordable package (at $2,500) that combines constituent relationship management (CRM) and online marketing functionality. “The KELL Kickstart package accelerates the implementation process and provides the fastest path possible for nonprofits to be set up and running on their new Affinaquest CRM system. KELL Kickstart ensures full implementation of an organization’s Affinaquest database within four weeks of receiving the necessary data.”

NTEN made an exciting announcement of its own this week: our new online Benchmarking tool for technology staffing and budgeting is up and running! Based on our annual research on technology staffing and spending, this free tool can help you understand what other organizations that are similar to you–either in size, geographic region, or issue area–are doing when it comes to investments in their technology staffing and budgets. The tool provides customized reports that you can share with your staff members, clients, board members, etc. Get started or learn more by going to

Forbes recently interviewed Ami Dar, Founder and Executive Director of, the popular online nonprofit resource for jobs, internships, and volunteers, to get a glimpse of the organization’s origins. Read the full interview to get a sense of Ami and his plans for Idealist’s future.

NEXT: A Division of Birthright Israel Foundation released an interactive map of High Holiday services and celebrations to help connect young people with opportunities all over the country and in their own community. “NEXT recognizes that many young adults have a strong desire to celebrate the Jewish holidays, but can find it difficult to navigate and connect to local opportunities,” Morlie Levin, NEXT’s CEO, explains. “We created an interactive map to address this challenge, since we know the Birthright Israel generation uses digital tools to find real-world experiences”.

Two Chicago-based NTEN member organizations are also joining forces; Darim Online, provider of digital media training and professional development services to the Jewish community, announced that it’s merging with See3 Communications, an interactive communications agency that helps nonprofits with their online strategies. Says Darim Online Founder and President, Lisa Colton, “See3 has the infrastructure and expertise that enables us to expand our work in the Jewish Community by increasing the depth and breadth of professional development, and offering a suite of implementation services to organizations that are ready to implement dynamic online efforts after training.”

In other See3 Communications news, their project, Daily DoGooder, which curates and shares an exceptional nonprofit or cause video each day, has now created a widget so you can get their fresh material directly to your site (see the Daily DoGooder widget in action below). Learn more about this neat resource and, while you’re there, check out the video of the day.

Anything we missed? Share your links in the comments!