Member Round Up: Getting attention, staying focused, and spreading the word

These days, there’s a lot competing for our attention (“Hey, is that a cat video?”) in all the information that comes our way. It’s an ongoing challenge to keep yourself focused, yet also capture and hold the attention of your supporters. This week’s member round-up is full of tips for staying focused, ideas for your communications strategy, and insights on where to put your attention and efforts to build momentum for your cause.

Do you find yourself constantly stopping the work you are doing to pop over to another browser tab? Luckily, has three tips to help you stay focused amidst distractions. You can learn more techniques for boosting your time management and productivity in their free upcoming webinar: Staying Focused in an Information-Saturated World. Over at Care2, Garth Moore relates the value of attending a conference without the distraction of a laptop in front of you. Have some tips of your own that have helped you with time management? Pop on over to NTEN’s Community Builders (CommBuild) Community of Practice group and add your ideas to the conversation.

Speaking of paying attention, how do you catch the interest of others? Humor is the lubricant for spreading great ideas, according to Mark Pittman. Be serious about your cause, but don’t take things too seriously. Big Duck has 5 Approaches to Keep Your Donors Engaged to help you strike a balance between attracting new donors while retainng your existing supporters. Since email is such a crucial way of reaching out to consitutents, Marc Snusz has 6 Enewsletter Ideas to Help Retain Donors, so you can maximize the impact of your email marketing.

Are you focusing on the right channel to get your message across? A new Wild Apricot research report: Fundraising with Facebook, takes a look at the impact of Facebook on online donations. Among the report highlights is the finding that 12% of traffic to donation pages comes from mobile devices. When it comes to social media, you might be quick to dismiss Google Plus, but the Case Foundation makes the case for how and why Google Plus is on the way to social media domination.

Speaking of Google, if you’re interested in using and learning more about Google tools at your organization, you can apply for the Google for Nonprofits program. Organizations that are accepted can select what products they’d like to enroll in. Maybe you’re interested in learning more about WordPress, Drupal, or CiviCRM? Then take advantage oft SmartCause Digital’s free webinars for nonprofits that can provide you an in-depth introduction to any or all of these products.

If you’ve stayed focused this long, here’s a little fun distraction for you, courtesy of member Katya Anderson: What’s Your Social Networking Personality?

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments.