Measuring the Success of Your Blog Through Content, Social Media, and Analytics

Nonprofits are always looking for ways to improve their blog’s content and promote their blog better. At 14NTC, we will discuss how nonprofits can get more out of their blogs in the session I will be leading titled “Measuring the Success of Your Blog Through Content, Social Media, and Analytics.”  

Analyzing Content and Social Media

One way of improving your blog’s content is to look at your existing content to find out what is working well and what is not working well with your blog.

The first step in this process is to gather data from your web analytics and social media posts. You should keep track of the number of times your blog and blog entries have been viewed, referring sites, most viewed pages, and least viewed pages in your web analytics. For each social media site you post a link to your blog entry to, you should note if you got any comments/likes/shares and how many.

The next step is to analyze your data. Here is a list of what each piece of data tells you and questions you should be asking when looking at the data:

  • Keeping track of the number of times your blog has been viewed will give you an overall picture of the success of your blog.  You should see this number increase as your blog grows.
  • Referring sites will let you know where people are learning about your blog and blog entries. Did they visit your blog because it was linked on your website? Did they learn about your blog entry because it was posted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest? What sites were your blog or blog entries linked on?
  • Your most viewed pages in your web analytics and most commented/liked/shared posts on social media will tell you what works best for your blog. These are the topics or format of content your readers want to read. You should post similar content in future entries.
  • Your least viewed pages in your web analytics and least commented/liked/shared posts on social media will tell you what you should write less about on your blog.
  • Look at the number of times your blog has been viewed and your referring links. Did you gain more views because you promoted your blog in an e-mail or on social media?

Content Ideas

Another way of improving your blog’s content is to come up with new content ideas to make your blog more relevant to its readers.

Here are some ideas for post topics that you might not have considered: 

  • News related to your mission
  • Events and campaign promotion and follow up
  • How to donate to your organization, and how donations are being used
  • Different ways to volunteer
  • Stories about your organization’s clients 
  • Volunteers with donors or volunteers about why they support you  
  • Staff interviews
  • Share statistics
  • Report summaries
  • Link roundups
  • Share articles that mention your organization
  • Stories about your successes and failures
  • Stories from the field
  • Educational content
  • Weekly theme (example: photo of the week)
  • Add photos, videos, and infographics to your posts

Preparing for the Session

The session is going to be an interactive session where nonprofits can learn from others. I will be sharing examples throughout the session of nonprofits that have great blog content and are promoting their blog well. The session will be even better if attendees already know what they are going to share about their blog. The questions below will help prepare for the session.

  • How are you measuring success of your blog?
  • What topics do you write about?
  • How is social media helping your blog?
  • What social media site have you had the most success from?
  • How are you promoting your blog?
  • How are you using web analytics for your blog?
  • How often do you analyze your data?
  • Is there a blog post that you think was really a success?
  • How often are you posting content?
  • How do you get ideas for content?
  • Do you use an editorial calendar for your blog?
  • How has blogging helped your organization?
Emily Weinberg
Nonprofit Blog Exchange
Emily Weinberg lives in the DC area. She is a nonprofit blogger and organizer of NTEN's digital inclusion online community. She created the Nonprofit Digital Communications group and previously served as organizer of that group. Her blog, The Nonprofit Blog Exchange, is a resource for nonprofits where she writes monthly roundups linking to nonprofit blog articles. It has been recognized as one of the top 150 nonprofit blogs in the world. She also writes about nonprofits and social media on her other blog, Emily's World. Emily enjoys researching, writing, web content management, and data management.