NTEN Nonprofit Tech Clubs are free, educational events for nonprofit professionals. Photo: Austin Nonprofit Tech Club organizer Carolyn M. Appleton

Looking for professional connections? They may be close to home!

Being a nonprofit techie is hard. We get it. But you are not alone. The support you’re looking for is as close as your nearest device, and a real-life connection could be happening this month in your city.

Here at NTEN, we have always said that community is key to our work. To make the change we know is needed, we must work together. That’s why we have created free, educational community programs in every aspect of our work – online, and in person. Here are a few of our community spaces. There’s one for whatever you need!

Meet in person at our Nonprofit Tech Clubs

Our tech clubs are volunteer-run events that happen once a month in 20 cities across North America. With educational programming, opportunities to network and share, and pizza, these free events are often the first place nonprofit professionals encounter NTEN resources.

Nonprofit Tech Clubs provide free, friendly events for nonprofit staffers to learn about technology. Topics include technology and program management, fundraising and development, marketing and communications, leadership, and, of course, IT.

Join a club near you to find out more and receive invitations, or consider starting a Nonprofit Tech Club in your city.

Connect with others facing similar challenges

Screen grab of NTEN online communities home screen.
NTEN online communities are thriving forums where people meet.

The NTEN online communities are thriving discussion forums that we often call our “Brains Trust.” In groups as diverse as Tech Decision Makers, Digital Advertising and Data, nonprofit professionals ask for help and connections, and to share what they know. Even if you can’t make it to a physical meet, your community is always online and in my experience, always willing to help.

Built into our community portal is an NTEN Member Directory and events listing, both accessible to NTEN members.

Make friends at the 19NTC

We are working hard right now on community programs for the 2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference, produced by NTEN. From the popular informal lunch gatherings Birds of a Feather to active sessions, which are a great way to get out and stretch, we are always looking for ways to find connection inside and out of the conference program.


This is the home of nonprofit professionals learning about the ways technology helps them meet their missions. More than 50,000 community members access NTEN’s capacity-building programs and services, including educational courses, the Nonprofit Technology Conference, and online and in-person discussion spaces.