Advanced Social Media Workbooks for Nonprofits

Gone are the days when just having a Facebook page and a content strategy are enough for your nonprofit to find success through social media. The future – nay, the present – is strategic, with smart social goals integrated with your entire digital strategy and connected with your mission.

NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network, in collaboration with social media expert Debra Askanase, developed a series of workbooks to help you build an advanced, integrated and sophisticated social media program that will help your nonprofit be efficient and effective in your social media channels.

The first, Framing Advanced Social Media Engagement, will help you map and develop your organizational communication frameworks, social media communication SMART goals, and guide you to develop conversations that matter to your constituents.

In the second workbook, Advanced Social Media Strategy, we help connect your SMART goals with social media key objectives and social practice, guide you through the research process, and set some achievable goals for your program.

The final workbook, Advanced Social Media Practice, covers learning from data, how to extend your social media networks, and how to work most efficiently.

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