Issue 8 of NTEN:Change: The “Collaboration” Issue

5713b6a3ce10238622cbb4203d57481751a5ebb6“Collaboration” is a word that comes up quite a bit in discussions about nonprofit strategies and nonprofit capacity. And even though the financial reality for nonprofits always seems to require “belt tightening,” the economic landscape for the last few years, and some years to come, has increased sector needs to increase capacity while decreasing expenses, which has led more organizations to seek various forms of partnerships, alliances, and even mergers with other organizations.

Besides inter-organizational collaboration, nonprofits also continually work on improving internal efficiencies and innovations; we’re always looking for ways to work smarter, faster, and with more impact. This issue of NTEN:Change takes a look at the various aspects of collaboration that nonprofit leaders should consider: benefits, tools, examples, pitfalls, and organizational “readiness.”

NTEN’s publication, designed especially for busy nonprofit executive directors, departmental directors, boards, and other leadership staff, is free and hot off the press. In the current issue you’ll find:

  • Feature: 6 Guiding Principles for Campaign Coalitions,” by Tom Novick, Michael O’Loughlin, and Jonathan Benton, M+R Strategic Services.
  • Feature: Tools for Project Collaboration Management,” from Idealware’s Kyle Andrei.
  • Two Case-Studies: Sharing Back Office Functions. Collaboration that Helps Shift Resources from Logistics to Mission, from NTEN and Idealware.
  • Special: Data-Driven Collaboration. Three Lessons for Avoiding a House of Cards, from NTEN’s Holly Ross.
  • Leadership Cheat Sheet: Is Your Organization Ready to Collaborate? Five Questions for Board and Staff, from La Piana’s Heather Gowdy and Bob Harrington.

We also have more DIY tips, organizational perspectives, and leadership profiles from the NTEN community, a podcast from the CTK Foundation, and… I couldn’t possibly list everything here, so please check out the new issue to see more (and make sure your Executive Director and Board Members read this):