Interview with Shannon Wong, NTEN’s Community Coordinator

Welcome to NTEN’s newest team member, Shannon Wong, who will be supporting our education and membership programs as the Community Coordinator.

young woman with long dark hair posing in a crouched position outdoors. there is a wood fence behind her and light snow on the groundDescribe yourself in three words.

Honest, loyal, sassy.

What is your favorite book, cartoon, or tattoo?

My favorite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I think it’s great because it’s a short and sweet fable about following your dreams and how sometimes, you must take risks to follow a path when you don’t know what you want or where your dreams may take you.

What are you most excited about as you transition into your new role on staff?

I’m really excited about what I can take home and learn from my new position with NTEN as far as the educational programs that we offer. This may be influenced by my passion for technology and learning new trades to benefit the efficiency of my daily life and personal growth as far as goals and interests.

Why do you care about nonprofit technology?

I care about the nonprofit community and learning more about what organizations are out there and whom or what are they helping and this is tied to my focus on nonprofit technology because I believe that knowledge is the power that can help us change the world. With the constant change in technology today, I think it’s important that we keep our eyes open and hearts focused on creating a healthy sustainable world and community. Technology is a useful tool which helps us learn and grow, and a part of that process is understanding how we can use this tool to benefit the betterment of the world.

What do you feel should be a sport but isn’t yet recognized as one?

If napping was a sport, I could probably be an Olympics champion.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Definitely teleportation. I’d like to soon travel the world without getting on an airplane, boat, or driving a car.

Who would you want to create the soundtrack of the movie about your life?

If I could get myself to pick up an instrument, I think I would.


Shannon’s email is—feel free to drop her a line of welcome!

Erin Doherty
Erin has provided communications, development, and administrative support to community arts, queer health, and anti-domestic violence nonprofit organizations for more than 15 years. Working in digital communications for NTEN sits perfectly at the intersections of her nerdy excitement for writing, editing, and futzing around with code. Other interests include knitting and thinking about knitting, eating cheese, voraciously consuming all things sci-fi/fantasy, collecting animated gifs, and her ridiculous chihuahua mix, Aoife.