August 10, 2016

Interview with Lyndal Cairns, NTEN’s Membership & Engagement Director

Lyndal Cairns is our newest team member. As NTEN’s Membership & Engagement Director, Lyndal will be setting the vision of membership and integrated marketing for the organization, and leading our team to reach that vision. Learn all about Lyndal’s passion for nonprofits and data in this interview!

Picture of Lyndal and a parrot on her arm.1. Describe yourself in three words.
Thoughtful, open, punny.

2. How did you first become involved with the NTEN Community?
I’m a lifelong advocate for nonprofits, especially capacity-building organizations like NTEN. In 2012, I was working at an LGBT health organization back home in Australia, and I was offered a scholarship to the Nonprofit Technology Conference in San Francisco. When it opened with the raunchy, ear-poppingly loud Extra Action Marching Band, I knew I had stumbled upon a conference and a community all its own.

3. What are you most excited about as you transition into your new role on staff?
It’s a brand new role in a great team and I’m very excited to tell the stories of the inspiring and diverse NTEN community.

4. Why do you care about nonprofit technology?
Our sector’s communities are building a better, more just and more sustainable world. Nonprofits deserve the technology support, capacity and infrastructure to meet their goals efficiently. There is nothing less at stake than our future.

5. You just moved to Portland. What’s on your bucket list?
Plant a yellow rose bush; eat some Salt & Straw ice cream; visit a bat colony; kayak; meet some new friends!

6. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
To instantly remove all inappropriate apostrophes from restaurant menus and real estate signs.

7. Who would you want to create the soundtrack of the movie about your life?
Billy Bragg. <3

Her email address is Feel free and encouraged to drop her a note of welcome!

Steph Routh
Steph is Content Manager at NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network. She has spent over a decade in the nonprofit sector, with a focus on organizational development, communications, fundraising, and program planning. Steph served as the first Executive Director of Oregon Walks for five years prior to joining NTEN. She is passionate about removing barriers to opportunities and finding equity at the many intersections of social justice work. And she feels lucky every day she is at NTEN, with a Community that does exactly that. Outside the NTEN office, Steph is the Mayor of Hopscotch Town, a consulting and small publishing firm that inspires and celebrates fun, lovable places for everyone. Steph is married to her bicycle and an aunt of two.
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