Ideas for Freshening Up Your Website

When it comes to your website, first impressions really do count! So to entice visitors to respond to your call to action and keep coming back for more, you’ve got to grab their attention, then follow through with some fresh content. And while it may be a little late for an official spring cleaning, why not take advantage of a few slow summer days to freshen up your website.

Is your website making a good first impression?

In a post a while back – Four Unexpected Ways to be More Influential – Katya Andresen noted that “researchers … say that visitors decide the attractiveness of a web page in one-twentieth of a second, and that first impression holds up over time and correlates to their ratings of the site.

Take a look at your website with fresh eyes. What are visitors seeing in their first “one-twentieth of a second”? Does your non-profit website instill trust in those making donations? Does it demonstrate from the “get-go” that it is “the” destination for information in your field? If you’re serving up old, stale news, outdated information and images, you won’t grab your visitor’s attention or build trust.

Is it time to freshen things up a little?

Summer is in full swing, so you’ve missed the spring cleaning window. But it’s still a good time to revive your website. So if you’re ready to roll your sleeves up, shake off the welcome mat and clear out the cobwebs, you can renew your website’s luster.

We created a Website Spring Cleaning To Do List that outlines some of the tasks that you can consider in order to spruce up and refresh your website. For example, it offers quick tips to help you:

Clear out and tidy up: review and update, for example… Your newsletter archive – is the latest version available?Your “About Us” page (have key stats, numbers or staff changed?) Tune-up website working parts: check and test, for example… Forms – e.g., your donation form, membership application form, etc. Conduct a content clean-up: conduct a quick analytics review, then: Look at pages that have not been updated recently – is content still applicable? Add some fresh content: for example: Create or update your content calendar. (And consider developing a content strategy to identify content across your website (including your blog or forum), as well as any other communications channels (e.g., newsletter, social media, etc.) Check in on your forum or bulletin board – create a new message or thread Add some new photos Shine up your call to action: once you get the visitor’s attention, check to see: Is your call to action clear? Are your “Join now” or “Donate” buttons easy to find? Is there a clear invitation for visitors to get involved in a conversation, by participating in forums or commenting on blogs?

For more ideas, have a look at the Website Spring Cleaning and give your website a little summertime refresh!

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Lori Halley
Wild Apricot