How Women Lead the Trend Towards Social Media Use via Mobile

The latest studies on social media demographics show what we’ve already known for a long time: women dominate social media use. But hidden between the lines are significant areas that reveal how women dominate men in this niche. We’re not just talking about the total number of social media users—more women use the top social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest than men—but how women use these sites in various ways.

Consolidating data from the studies by Pew, Nielsen, and Burst Media, an infographic published by FinancesOnline compared how men and women are changing the social media landscape. Two critical things caught our attention: more women access social media via mobile and they drive more traffic to visually-oriented social websites.

The top three fastest growing social networks are Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram, all dominated by women. The gender divide is starkest with Pinterest, where 33% of all online women in the U.S. use the network compared to 8% for all online men. These three sites generated ten million new users apiece over the past twelve months; we expect more visually-oriented social sites to follow this trend, hoping to reach more women. Check out the excerpt from the infographic below, and click on it to view the full infographic.


Image above: excerpt from the infographic, click above to view the full image.

Alex Hillsberg
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