How to 16NTC

The 2016 Nonprofit Technology Conference is coming up NEXT WEEK! We’re here to help answer a few questions for our fabulous attendees.

What is the conference Code of Conduct policy?

Excellent question! We want all attendees to have a safe and welcoming experience. Please read and follow NTEN’s Code of Conduct.

What should I wear?


Most NTC participants wear comfortable, business casual attire. Comfortable shoes are a must, and nerdy t-shirts are always welcome. If you’re prone to chills, be sure to bring a sweater or a light jacket. (This year you’ll be able to stop by the NTENner Center for a fabulous NTEN scarf!)

Where can I find gender-neutral restrooms at the conference venue?

We’ve arranged for two gender-neutral restrooms to be made available during the conference. These will be located on the Convention Center Concourse outside of Hall 1 and the Grand Ballroom. See the map in the app and program guide for more details.

I’m a nursing mother. How will I be able to take care of my needs onsite?

We’ll have a room available for nursing mothers to express breast milk. Free WiFi, a small fridge, and other comforts will be provided. The door will be locked while in use, but otherwise available without a key.

What’s the Ambassador Hour?

Join NTEN staff and Community Ambassadors — experienced NTEN Community members — for an informal welcome orientation about NTEN and NTC on Tuesday evening before the conference starts. Newcomers are encouraged to attend. All are welcome. (Can’t make it? The blog post you are currently reading should help onboard you!)

What in the h-e-c-k is a Progressive Party?

This name is especially confusing during election years, we know. But, the NTC’s annual Progressive Parties have have nothing to do with politics and everything to do with fun, frivolity, and friendship. Mix and mingle with your nonprofit techie peers at various sponsored events near the San Jose Convention Center—and then progressively (get it?) move from party to party.

What’s this NTENner Center?

The NTENner Center in the Exhibit Hall is our central hub for All Things NTEN. Grab a seat, grab some swag, chat with NTEN staff and Community Ambassadors, or just take a breather. After the NTC Customer Service desk, the NTENner Center is the next best place to go for questions.

Nerd alert: What’s the Geek Games?

The Geek Games is your chance to let your hair down for some fun. Thrill-seekers can careen down a Segway obstacle course or catch a wave on our mechanical shark. If you’re more the competitive type, challenge a new connection to a ping pong match. For something a little more mellow, we’ve set up a coffee hub where you can connect with colleagues and create your LEGO masterpiece. And don’t miss out on the second annual ping pong competition!

What’s the secret handshake for the Nonprofit Tech Club Happy Hour?

giphy (1)

NTEN’s Nonprofit Tech Clubs are amazing, but there’s no secret password or handshake to join these clubs. All are welcome! Local Nonprofit Tech Club events offer an opportunity for professionals at all levels to learn about the latest tools and trends while meeting new people in a welcoming environment. While at the NTC, join Thursday’s happy hour to connect with Tech Club organizers and attendees from across the globe and learn more about what it means to start a club in your city.

What is an Ignite?

Ignite is a fast-paced, thought-provoking presentation format that educates and entertains. But, there’s a catch: Presenters are strictly limited to five minutes and 20 slides, which advance automatically every 15 seconds. The Wednesday and Friday morning plenaries will each feature seven Ignite presentations from our smart, funny — and brave — Community.

Birds? Feathers? What?

giphy (2)

Every year at the NTC, we create space for fellow birds of a feather—like-minded individuals of a similar background or interest—to connect during lunch. These Birds of a Feather (BOF) tables are a great way to casually make new connections and talk about shared interests or topics. To join a table, just grab your lunch, find the BOF tables that interest you, and have at it. To suggest a table theme or topic, add it to the website before we get to San Jose or sign-up during lunch when we all get on-site.

How can I spend even more time with the community while at the NTC?    

In addition to all the official NTC-related social events, we know the NTEN Community will host a ton of great unofficial gatherings while we’re all in San Jose. Planning to go for a morning run and want to invite others? Want to tour a local museum with fellow fundraisers? Feel like dining at the Doublemeat Palace with other Buffy fanatics? List it on the Community Events sheet, or join an event that’s already been listed. Note: NTEN is neither liable nor responsible for these unofficial events in any way.

What are all these references to collaborative notes?

For a number of years, the community — and now NTEN Staff — have created shared notes for every NTC session. These notes are a Google Doc which anyone can access and contribute to before, during, or after the session. We find that it adds great value and is just another example of how generous the NTEN Community is with sharing its smarts. You’ll find them on the website and in the conference app (you can download it for Apple or Android phones) in the agenda for each and every session (they’re everywhere!).

What else should I do while I’m in San Jose?

The community has helped us put together an awesome list of attractions including mystery, mummies, and (of course) tech!

Still find yourself scratching your head? Contact us at and we’ll get you sorted out.

Bethany Lister
Community Engagement Manager