Helping You Reach Your 2013 Goals

We’ve started into February already, which means we are well into 2013 and already looking ahead to the Spring. Throughout the last month, we’ve asked the NTEN community just what was on their list for resolutions and goals for 2013. The answers, just as we expected from this community, showed a focus on using technology for effectiveness and efficiencies in the day-to-day work as well as the larger mission. Today I want to share some updates about how we are working on delivering resources and educational programs on the topic areas you identified. 

Transitioning to the Cloud

Many community members mentioned that they would be transitioning either some or all of their systems to the cloud this year. There are many issues to consider and any system transition requires planning, so we suggest you check out the case studies we’ve pulled together that tackle the actual transition to the cloud, the organizational culture of working with cloud services, and more. We also have a couple recent webinar recordings with experts and practitioners talking about what they’ve seen work and what they’ve learned in transitioning to the cloud themselves, including the livestream from the Dallas Cloud Summit and a 3-part webinar series.

Social Media management

We asked about goals and resolutions via social media – from Facebook to Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. And we saw varying amounts of response on different platforms. So it wasn’t a surprise when community members told us they were hoping to learn more about effective and efficient ways to manage their social media presence this year. One place to start is with the recent webinar, Retool Your Social Media Efforts with a Social Media Audit. We are also running a 3-part series about building community on Twitter through organizied chats. There will certainly be more on social media this year, including research and reports, so stay tuned!

Moving from collecting to analyzing data

Oh, data. How we want to love you, if you weren’t often so complicated and messy! That’s the sentiment we’ve heard from many community members who want to make 2013 the year they really tackle their data. We have a series of case studies from organizations of different sizes and missions, and we are continuing to collect and share more stories like these – you can review the full set on the website. There are a couple recent webinars to review as well, including Best Practices for Data Visualization and Connections & Opportunities for data and the cloud. If 2013 is the year of data for your organization, be sure to check out the new Data-Driven Decision Making Workbook!

Changing CRMs

For some community members, making 2013 the year of data-driven decision making means an investment in the systems storing all of that data. Some members said they were going to be changing databases this year and were hoping to do more with their data and engagement because of that change. The first place I always point people is the Consumer’s Guide to Low-Cost Donor Management Systems that we’ve created with Idealware. Thinking about developing the software? Check out the recent webinar Build, Buy or Borrow: Choosing the Best Software Development Path. Thinking about dedicating some of your volunteers to tech projects this year? Be sure to review Successfully Engaging Volunteers in Technology Projects.

This is really just a sampling of the resources already available for whatever your 2013 technology resolutions may be. We are also hard at work lining up a full year of programs to tackle the tech across your organization. You can be on the look out this year for webinars and reports, as well as new events and case studies. We always love to hear from you about the topics you’d like us to cover and the conversations we can help facilitate. So be in touch! And share your resolutions for the tech at your organizations this year in the comments below.