December 11, 2016

Help the NTEN Community Have the Best Year Yet!

What a year it’s been, with highs and lows for all of us individually, our organizations, and our sector. As we look ahead to 2017, I can’t help but feel a mix of anticipation and wonder. And, looking back at 2016, I am so proud of all that we’ve done together.

As you know, NTEN is a community. It takes your support to help make the valuable programs NTEN offers year round as accessible as possible to ensure we have organizations of all sizes and missions connecting, learning, and making real change. In 2016, donations from the community made a huge impact:

  • Over 50 scholarships to the Nonprofit Technology Conference
  • 22 Nonprofit Tech Clubs receiving support for meeting supplies
  • Over 50 scholarships for NTEN educational programs (and, thanks to Microsoft, 20 scholarships to the Nonprofit Technology Professional Certificate)
  • Over 100 free or reduced Memberships to organizations who otherwise would not be able to join

Donate today to make 2017 the biggest year yet for the NTEN community!

Your donation supports more new participants and members, which means even more organizations connected to resources and learning about the strategies and technologies that will make them more effective. This even means more connections, resources, and ideas for you, too!

I know that you’ll agree we have so much work to do together in 2017. Help us bring as many organizations into the community as possible to make that work possible!

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Amy Sample Ward
Amy Sample Ward is NTEN's CEO. She is also a speaker and author focused on leveraging social technologies for social change. In 2013, Amy co-authored Social Change Anytime Everywhere with Allyson Kapin. She previously co-authored Social by Social: a handbook in using new technologies for social impact. She has worked in and with advocacy organizations, private foundations, and community groups in the US, UK and around the world.
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