Get Yourself Connected (in the Field): Know Your Options

It doesn’t do much good to send staff out into the field with the latest gadgets if they can’t get connected.

Keith Robertory, Disaster Services Technology Manager for the American Red Cross, will walk you through the options at our upcoming webinar, “Nonprofit Field Work Connectivity Options”.

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Extending technology out to the field requires a balance of cost versus connectivity. In this foundational session, we’ll explore a variety of land-line, wireless (including cellular) and satellite connectivity options. Each will be presented with the pros and cons, along with a neutral observation of costs, reliability, usability, and connectivity.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn a variety of connectivity options, and gain a basic understand of the appropriate uses
  • Learn basics of how to smell test vendor’s claims, and have them explain their services without jargon
  • Learn methods of connectivity that may be best for your particular situation

The writing’s on the wall: you gotta get yourself connected.