Donate to the NTC 2014 Scholarship Fund! (A Past Recipient Shares Her Story of Change)

If you’ve been to NTC, you know that it can be an incredible event full of knowledgeable nonprofit techies.

As Lyndal Cairns, a 2012 NTC Scholarship recipient, shares:

Before I went to NTC, I was the only social media manager working in the HIV sector in Australia. In fact, I was the only nonprofit social media manager I knew; so I felt alone and rather adrift. I had reams of research and ideas aplenty, but I didn’t know how to put it all together into a cohesive set of strategies. NTC taught me how to focus and evaluate our social media work, how to develop that into a set of actions, and how best to carry them out.

Thanks to skills I picked up at NTC, I was able to better survey our community to find service gaps and develop social interventions to improve their health; redevelop our website with the latest usability research in mind, turn our drab social media policy into a “living document”, and train staff in best practices. The tips I picked up from experienced social media doyens were invaluable and saved me countless hours of frustration and trial-and-error. Personally, I also picked up some nerdcore Google Analytics skills which have been very useful in my other work, great public speaking engagement tips, a bunch of great contacts and friends, and the love of my life.

Now take that impact and multiply it by 50. That’s how many people you can help have an amazing NTC experience who couldn’t have it without your support.

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