Data Nerd Alert! 15NTC by the Numbers

You did it! You braved sleet and rain and even witnessed a snow day in Austin to take part in the 2015 Nonprofit Technology Conference (15NTC). While we didn’t get the gorgeous spring weather Austin is famous for, we laughed, we cried, we drank in almost as much coffee as we did knowledge during another record-setting NTC. Here are the numbers to prove just how awesome the 15NTC was.

2,016 people attended the 15NTC, booking 2,959 hotel room nights, and traveling approximately 2.2 million miles from 47 states and 16 different countries. Seventeen (17) of you traveled more than 5,000 miles to join us in Austin, which has us in awe of your dedication to learning and sharing NPTech goodness with your peers.

Thanks to support from Intacct, we were able to offset 970.81 metric tons of carbon emissions all those travel miles created, which makes us smile inside as we continue to seek ways to make the NTC more sustainable.

This being my first NTC, I was a little nervous about being the new kid on the block, but I had really good company, since 1,029 of you were attending your first NTC; an additional 183 of you have been to five or more NTCs, and exactly two dozen of you have been to more than 10 NTCs. So there’s our goal number, first-timers! 10!

Y’all posted over 900 message in the NTC Community discussion boards. From those conversations, you created 59 Community-organized events. How many Tweets were posted? We’ll never know, because the sheer volume of messages broke the robot we had counting your hashtags! Rest up, little robot. We’ll make you stronger next year.

You drank 681 gallons of coffee and tea, which equates to about 10,215 cups. A little over 1,800 bags were stuffed with over 32,000 water bottles, notebooks, and other sponsor goodies. Ten (10) Segways were ridden countless miles, resulting in everyone’s new profile picture. Yeah, we noticed!

Approximately 10,430 handshakes, 5,378 high-fives, and about a million hugs were exchanged.

Our newest Geek Games tradition inspired our favorite bit of data. Number of NTEN staff willing to embarrass themselves in photos with the trophy? Two (2). And finally, there can only be one (1) champion. Congratulations to Amar Trivedi, the winner of the First Annual Geek Games Ping Pong Tournament.

Andrea Post
Andrea plans gatherings. She thrives on creating the spaces for activists, advocates, and changemakers to connect. She started her career as an organizer on political campaigns, did her obligatory time as a San Francisco citizen during the first dot-com boom, then went to the corporate world where she handed out the big checks in charitable giving, sponsorships, and community relations. One of those sponsorships launched her into the world of conference planning, where she spent 6 years as the program director for the Conferences for Women in Pennsylvania and Texas. When she roots, she roots for the Portland Timbers and the San Francisco Giants.