Congrats to Annaliese on 6 years of awesome!

There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not honored and excited to work with Annaliese. You may know her as our Publications Director today, but prior to taking on that role two years ago she lead NTEN’s membership efforts, developed our membership and research partnerships, spearheaded efforts to grow the community and expand our programs, and facilitated an incredibly diverse set of opportunities for sharing knowledge across the sector. Last year, for her work on NTEN’s Change journal, she received the 2012 Publishing Trendsetter Award.

Basically, Annaliese brings a whole lot of awesome to the game. She has achieved a great deal in her six years at NTEN and I want to take this opportunity to give you a few of the highlights, just as Annaliese would, through data*:

Annaliese’s Emails vs Faxes Sent

Number of NTC Totebags Stuffed by Annaliese at the NTC

Annaliese’s All-Staff Meeting Commute Options (by hours, routes below)

By car:

By bicycle:

By foot:

Annaliese’s High-Fives Delivered 

Annaliese’s Cumulative Internal Communications

After six incredible years together, Annaliese will be leaving NTEN this summer to return to her academic pursuits. She hasn’t settled on which school yet, because too many of them want her (we knew that would be the case!). Wherever she decides to go, she’ll be working on her PhD in literature with a focus on modern British female writers. And, she’ll continue tweeting with the #nptech hashtag to stay connected to all the developments in this community. Please join me in congratulating Annaliese on a terrific tenure at NTEN and a great new chapter.

*Some of this data has been rounded to the nearest guess, and should not be used for official reporting purposes. 🙂