Celebrating the 2016 NTENny Award Winners

Announcing the 2016 NTENny Award winners!

Each year NTEN gives away several NTENny Awards to those amazing folks who’ve offered their time and smarts to help NTEN staff and the community. We think this year’s awardees are absolutely amazing. Each winner is a joy to know and work with. They regularly go above and beyond, making our jobs easier and more fun, and the NTEN community the vibrant and supportive place we brag about. We’re so grateful that they choose to share their time, knowledge, energy, and enthusiasm with us.

Rather than do an interpretive dance to express how we feel, we hope these awards will help convey how much we appreciate all they do. Please join us in celebrating these fabulous, incredibly generous community members.

leaman-chad-600x600Chad Leaman: Most likely to…help the community see how technology advances both enable—and disable—accessibility.
king-charrose-600x600Charrosé King: Most likely to…fill in for an NTC presenter at the last minute and turn her “accidental speaker” experience into numerous kick-ass sessions.
chan-janice-600x600Janice Chan: Most likely to…rally a community together by encouraging them to share their entrance song.
king-jason-600x600Jason King: Most likely to…give ridiculously thoughtful answers to online forum questions while somehow working the phrase “debonair goats” into the responses.
williams-kai-600x600Kai Williams: Most likely to… do the next training… and the next… and the next, all while staying super engaged and encouraging others.
dyer-liza-600x600Liza Dyer: Most likely to…be brave enough to give an Ignite presentation at her first NTC and then, when other folks might be nervously practicing their talk, will offer to help prep conference bags at the last minute, just for fun.
omalley-margaux-600x600Margaux O’Malley: Most likely to…be a calming presence during your communications and Drupal crises.
Close-up of Mark Root-Wiley, wearing a dark baseball cap and smilingMark Root-Wiley: Most likely to…share his wealth of WordPress knowledge while simultaneously shining the spotlight on the community.
roshani-kothariRoshani Kothari: Most likely to…ask great questions in the online forums AND report back with the results.
sara-rasmussenSara Rasmussen: Most likely to…become a fabulous leader of PDXTech4Good within practically minutes of moving to Portland.
caufield-tony-600x600Tony Caufield: Most likely to…make sure what happens in [Tech4Good Las] Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas.

Bethany Lister
Community Engagement Manager