Celebrate Community Members at the 15NTC!

Each year, NTEN recognize those who have offered their time, talents, and wisdom to help NTEN Community members and staff, and to thank them for their amazing contributions to the nonprofit technology sector.

NTENny Awards go to individuals who have gone above and beyond to enhance the NTEN Community. Know someone who answers all your questions via the NTEN online community platform? Want to celebrate your friendly Community of Practice or Nonprofit Tech Club organizers and volunteers? Need to thank a volunteer for helping you find your way at a previous NTC or the LCS? Nominate them for an NTENny!

We’re also accepting nominations for three additional special awards: the NTEN Award, the NTEN Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Rob Stuart Memorial Award. Please help us recognize these folks who have gone above and beyond to push the limits, redefine the way we approach social impact, and help chart a course for all of us to follow by nominating them for an award.

The NTEN Award celebrates one individual who helps advance NTEN’s mission to serve the Community.

NTEN’s Lifetime Achievement Award honors an individual who has been instrumental in shaping the field of nonprofit technology, and inspired others with their innovation and dedication.

The Rob Stuart Memorial Award honors the spirit of the man who played a pivotal role in creating the NTEN Community. Each year, we celebrate Rob by selecting an unsung person who serves a community and uses technology to disrupt the status quo and create change in unexpected ways.

Nominations will be accepted until February 2, 2015.